That Musical Wish


I sit down at my piano

I look down at the notes, observing the beauty

The beauty of such simplicity creating such art

As I play the notes, my heart starts racing

I feel elated by my playing

Something’s come over me

I’ve forgotten what he’s said to me to upset me

I’ve forgotten how sad they’ve made me


Everything’s forgotten…it’s gone

All I can think about now is what notes I’m about to play

How can I not choose to do this my whole life?


I come out to them, the people I speak to

I come out to them about my love for music

Not just a love, an addiction, a need

I express myself about this

I say all I want to do is music, my whole life


How do they respond?

It’s not practical, it’s not realistic

There aren’t enough opportunities

They just don’t know.


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