The Bug

I’m a bug. I’m a pretty big bug. I crawl around and go around, and then I come back to my hole. I sleep in my hole and forget to get back out sometimes.
Or well, I don’t forget to get out of my hole. I just forget that outside of my hole is sunshine. My hole has sunshine outside of it yet I can never see it from the inside. I always have to convince myself to get out of my cave; then I see the sunshine.
I can feel the heat of the sun from inside my hole, it hints at me and teases me to get out. But sometimes I cannot.
Sometimes I’m stuck in my hole and I can’t get out. It traps me inside and doesn’t let me get out. But the hole doesn’t do anything…does it?
No, the hole is just a hole. But I’m a bug, and I like holes, and I like the sun. I like having the sunshine on my face and I like crawling around; through the soft grass where it grazes my face and sometimes it’s rough, but sometimes it’s nice and gentle.
I like when the grass is nice and gentle, but if it were gentle all the time…I wouldn’t like it.
I want it to graze my face and scratch my face and remind me that I’ve gone out in the sunshine. Then sometimes, when I’m in my hole…I look at my reflection in the water, inside my hole – and I see the scratches. Then I can feel the grass graze me once again…and then I go out of my hole.
Once, I went out of my hole without even thinking about it. I went out and I walked for miles and I walked for hours; until the grass ended. There was no more green surrounding me, all I saw was grey. What was this grey material which looked so unforgiving and didn’t graze my face?
I faced the sun that day. So I faced the grey material on the ground that day. I wasn’t used to it…It was hard and my feet hurt sometimes to walk on it. But I kept walking for longer.
I had to dodge a lot of giant human feet on the way – boy, they’re rough. Then again, humans are always rough. They never pay attention to me, cause I’m small. No one pays attention to the small things…We’re just a tiny moving black dot to them. That’s all we are.
But I kept walking, and I kept moving forward.
Then I found a bigger hole. This hole was gorgeous and reminded me of the hole I’ve always wanted. Why would I ever want to leave the hole and go to the sunshine?
I took this hole and I stayed in it.
And then I didn’t want to leave again. This new hole was my hole and no one was going to take it this time. It was bigger, there was more air, there were more reflective water puddles and the soil was so much softer. I had never slept so well.
One day, a rain droplet woke me up. In my hole. It woke me up and then another one
hit me straight after, and then another, and then droplets became quicker and I had to
escape my hole once again.
I lept off the soil and tried my hardest to walk out of the thick, wet soil. It took me
some time, but I got out.
Outside was a loud, deep sound and water was dripping everywhere. Where was the
sun? It scared me but I kept walking forward hoping it would stop, hoping to find
somewhere safer.
And then the sunshine finally came through. I remembered the its warmth
on me. I remembered the grass and I kept looking for it until I found it.
The grass grazed me once again. And then I was there. I was there in my grass and I
didn’t want to leave.
And then more bugs came.
And the grass kept grazing my face.
I got out of my hole.

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