The Girl

There floats a girl in the universe of The Nothing. She floats around that universe, with her wavy black hair, her perfectly smooth skin, and she is as beautiful as you wish her to be. She aims for the sky, in the land of Nothingness. She aims high for what she wants – she studies hard and she dances all through the day. She’s a good dancer.

The girl dances everyday and all day, she is successful in her career. Many people tell her she is not great, but she strives on and continues. She doesn’t have anxiety. She’s never terrified to perform in front of others, only nervous. She dances, and she enjoys her life, and she enjoys herself, simply knowing that she is dancing.

She doesn’t cry whenever she practices. She doesn’t get anxiety attacks whenever she has to perform. She simply performs, and everyone loves her – in the universe of The Nothing.

The girl doesn’t lock herself up in a room, or cry herself to sleep when things get too tough, because she’s better than that. She knows she can do better, so she gets out and does that – and no one can stop her.

The girl doesn’t have anxiety. She doesn’t stop herself from trying something, simply because it is overwhelming for her. She simply does.

I’m certainly not the girl.

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