The Irony of Being “Strong”

The hardest part about being strong is the pressure put onto you, to continue doing so.

It’s as if being strong means that you’re ONLY just that – strong. And to ever be vulnerable would make you permanently weak.
It’s as if strong things can’t break, or get damaged.
“Strong” people only seem that way because they’re afraid of seeming even slightly weak, to anyone. Strong people are on one side, and “weak” people are on another, like some sick classification of sorts.

I guess to find out what is wrong with this classification, we must first explore the definition of strong.

Being strong can mean being able to carry a lot of physical weight somehow. We’d classify a bodybuilder as being strong. Being strong can mean “not breaking easily”. But who is wise enough to determine how easy, is easily?

I think the notion of being strong is crap. No on’e strong, no one’s weak. It just depends on that person’s proportion in relation to everything else. Everything else being all other weight that that person is carrying.

Why am I saying all this? Why am I going round in circles about the notion of being strong? Because being strong is bullcrap. The notion of being strong simply makes it that much harder for a “strong” person to be vulnerable, to be some dumbass’s definition of weak.

Strong people are afraid of being weak. Being weak isn’t an option for them.

It’s in the way that strength is immeasurable, and that being weak leads to real inner freedom.

Being strong is bull. 

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