The Irony of Being “Strong”

The hardest part about being strong is the pressure put onto you, to continue doing so. It's as if being strong means that you're ONLY just that - strong. And to ever be vulnerable would make you permanently weak. It's as if strong things can't break, or get damaged. "Strong" people only seem that way… Continue reading The Irony of Being “Strong”

To Elizabeth O’Connell and the jury.

"You have to look at the way she was dressed. She was wearing a thong with a lace front." Dear Elizabeth O'Connell, It's clear that the moment you said this, you forgot your own gender, your whole sisterhood behind you, and you perhaps thought of the money that winning this trial would get you. The… Continue reading To Elizabeth O’Connell and the jury.

Episodes of Abandonment – Episode 4

Episode 4 That night, we lay together once more, but this time, we didn’t just sleep. We cuddled on the sofa, watching a sombre episode of a television program together. I still craved kissing him; it had been a while since we kissed. We had last kissed unexpectedly, while intoxicated – after breaking up, it… Continue reading Episodes of Abandonment – Episode 4