War, what is it good for?

An opinion piece about war.

We are at the brink of WW3. It has been just a hundred and four years since the beginning of World War 1. I find it ironic that after 2 wars and around half a century since our last war, we still have not learned. Our last war was not so far at all, and here it might be again.

Many of us have not experienced the war. Although, at the same time, many countries have been at war constantly, for decades, so for them, this is nothing new. I cannot help but question why we as a species love to create problems for ourselves. Humanity constantly complains of our issues but we also constantly create further issues. Why? Why must politicians bring in whole countries of people into an argument or dispute between them and another political leader?

Is Russia really VS Ukraine? Or is President Putin against Zelenskyy? If the citizens of both countries do not wish for this war, or any other countries for that matter, then why are we pushed into them by our ‘so called’ leaders? Why is it our blood that gets shed, and not theirs, if they are so convinced that they want to fight? Is it not cowardice for anyone else to fight your battles for you?

With all ridiculous things I hear from politicians, I often wonder how such people come into power. All over the world, it is a global phenomenon that so many childish people somehow become political leaders, holding so much power over an entire country? How does this happen? How do millions of people succumb to the hypothetical power that one has? These politicians do not possess an iron fist that can kill anyone, they have their own followers who get paid to do a job – is this all the power they are given? Has money trampled over any other value or any sense of integrity?

It seems that our modern day politicians have forgotten what being a politician is all about, what being a leader is all about – to inspire, to encourage, to better ourselves and those around us. Politicians are not meant to start wars, they are meant to improve our countries, to make them safer, cleaner, healthier, to create order within them, to reduce crime. When the hell have politicians lost their damn plot, and where did they leave it, lying around in the ashes of those they’ve indirectly killed? Or rather, directly?

Perhaps I’m too much of an idealist. I know some people are horrible, but I know that a lot of people are not horrible too. A lot of people are just trying to get by in their life, trying to enjoy the time they have with their loved one while trying to do something somewhat meaningful to them. So why do we complicate our lives so much? Politicians should be the guards of society; they should be guarding to keep it in order and in peace. They should not be the ones to create the war. They should be the ones stopping it. Why is it that everyone gets away with everything in this world we have created? We try to ease the symptoms instead of curing the disease – we deal with the mass emigrations from disadvantaged countries instead of trying to find a solution. We try to do so much to help refugees (as we should, of course), instead of helping their country.

I have got to the point where I say this almost everyday, I do not understand humans. I do not understand society. I do not understand why we choose to self-deprecate our own lives instead of helping each other out and keeping ourselves all doing well. For the slim chance to do better than the ones around us, we sabotage so much. We sabotage our environment, we sabotage the people around us, we sabotage even those who are more well off than us perhaps.

I am so sick of so many of our lives depending on the 1-2 people sitting at the top, drinking their tea or their coffee while sitting down in a comfy chair, dishing out orders. I’m sick of being dependent on people who do not know my struggle, who do not know most people’s struggles, and yet dictate what my life will be. I am sick of politicians not being held accountable for their actions. Call me an idealist, but this must change. Politicians must no longer sit on an untouchable throne.

Politicians need to face the music.


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