Episodes of Abandonment – Episode 3

Episode 3 The bike ride was average. I tried not to beat myself up about falling off my bike, and attempted to forget the person who probably saw me fall, from their car. It did me no good to think of it. As we arrived at his street, I couldn’t help but feel relieved –… Continue reading Episodes of Abandonment – Episode 3

Episodes of Abandonment – Episode 2

Episode 2 The harsh low degrees hit my warm face as I pushed the door open. It was after we had a few drinks together. We agreed on making lasagna that night. I climbed onto my bike, ready to cycle to the supermarket. “Oh gosh, ow” I heard, followed by playful grunting noises. She was… Continue reading Episodes of Abandonment – Episode 2

Episodes of Abandonment – Episode 1

Episode 1 “I thought about getting back together too… Just a few days ago, actually”, he told me, while he stirred the red sauce we were making. A small part of me couldn’t help but smile, both with the joy that accompanied the thought, as well as the sweet relief… I wasn’t the only one… Continue reading Episodes of Abandonment – Episode 1